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Sunset in the UP
6 December 2006

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P. roqueforti
18 November 2006

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The Photo
15 November 2006

Recent Comments

Evi on Old Oak Tree on a Foggy Morning
My favourites are bared trees. I like here the atmosphere too, mysterious and moody...

Ryan Yam on Guinea : One cranky bird
Interesting morning view hahaha.

Damon Schreiber on Guinea : One cranky bird
Not just cranky; seriously ugly!

jc on Guinea : One cranky bird
he does look cranky! love the shot, very visceral..

Molly on Sunset in the UP
Yes, I leaned out the window while we were driving to take the shot.

sharpeye on Sunset in the UP
You seem have taken this shot from inside the blue car looking behind? Good capture.

badala on Sunset in the UP
Beautiful sunset.

badala on Katia napping on her penthouse
He looks so cute.

Aaron Schmidt on Orb Weaver Spider
This thing looks massive. Glad I don't live wherever it is that you live.

Duncan Galbraith on Orb Weaver Spider
crikey. Great shot, although I really dont want to look at it for very long! Extremely scary!

badala on Orb Weaver Spider
Really nice picture.

Ryan on Orb Weaver Spider
Like the detail on the hairy legs and the colours!

Daniel on Larry & Nickolas
I like this portrait. Very nice.

Craig Persel on P. roqueforti
Very nice. :-)

Colour blind on P. roqueforti
Great abstract!!! Some wine and crackers anyone??

Duncan Galbraith on P. roqueforti
very nice abstract Molly. How was the taste?

Damon Schreiber on P. roqueforti
Wow cheesemaking is an art. Colour me impressed. Yummy-looking mould :-P

Paul Ricciardi on P. roqueforti
Nice textures, reminiscent of a tennis racket.

Andrew on P. roqueforti
I love cheese!

Jenny on P. roqueforti
Woah, nice @ making cheese :P and nice shot.

Craig Persel on The Photo

Molly on The Photo
I am glad you like the photo. Yes, that is correct the ferry went from Muskegon, MI to Milwaukee, WI. Then we drove ...

Damon Schreiber on The Photo
You're right, it's really interesting. Love the simple forms and the air of mystery. Muskegon to Milwaukee?

Duncan Galbraith on Corrina Corona
very nice and very cute! I used to keep a bunch of Anglo-nubian goats back on the farm in England. Theyre a handful!

Craig Persel on Corrina Corona
Very nice.

badala on Corrina Corona
Nice photo.

Duncan Galbraith on Abstract Art for Computer Geeks
thats a cool image. my eye seems to go in and out of the the different planes so easily. good shot!

Damon Schreiber on Buddha Statue under Japanese Maple Tree
Welcome, Molly. Great way to start your photoblog. This photo has a very warm feeling for me. It's more than ...

Duncan Galbraith on Buddha Statue under Japanese Maple Tree
yes welcome to AM3. good work!

Peggy Picot on Buddha Statue under Japanese Maple Tree
very peaceful!

Jenny on Buddha Statue under Japanese Maple Tree
Welcome to AM3. :) Lovely photo.

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